NIkolas 201We are a team of highly qualified Personal Trainers from Nicosia, Cyprus. We offer customized exercise programs for weight loss, strength training and healthier nutritional advices that will improve your lifestyle and wellbeing. Our personal trainers can train with you at work, home, gym or any other place you choose!

I am NOT a nutritionist but I do hold a Sport Science and Physical Education (BSc degree) as well as an Exercise and Quality of Life (MSc degree). Although I obtained a good understanding of nutrition during my studies, I run my site not from the perspective of a nutrition expert with every degree known to man, but as a normal guy down in the trenches with you—someone who practices fitness, and really enjoys staying active while pushing myself to be in the best shape I can be. I help others get healthy by destroying excuses, providing actionable advice, designing workouts with no gym required, and helping build new habits that actually stick.

I DELIVER everything you need to experience a fun, motivational and effective training session. If you find the gym intimidating, boring or confusing then contact us to book your consultation with me.

I BELIEVE that training smart is the way to achieve success – whether you are looking to shed those extra pounds or pounding the streets for a marathon personal best.

I train and advise my clients on Health and Fitness matters including nutrition, weight-loss, weight-gain, sports fitness and fitness for different populations [children, adults and the elderly]

I educate myself constantly to keep up with many of the best personal training methods and trends available. Thus during a session you will experience a big variety of exercises and ways to increase your fitness and reach your goals faster.

No matter who – male, female, and beginner or advanced No matter the goal – weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, fitness, handle specific health problems etc

Our Vision:

We want every client to feel empowered to elevate their glass ceiling, to reach beyond having an average body, average performance or feeling "just ok". Our focus is lasered in on having you looking, performing and feeling your best ever! Health is above all and we aim into improving your lifestyle so you will live a better and longer with quality in your life.

Our Mission:

To provide the highest quality personal fitness services using the most up to date information and cutting edge techniques in order to educate, motivate, guide and instruct each individual to achieve astounding results.


We are not solely a productoriented fitness company. The process is equally important as the end result. Working hard but not smart may net you the visual results you desire but you may wind up with dysfunctional or injured body parts as an unwanted bonus. It is important to progress each person uniquely at their own pace, utilizing exercises and modalities that suit their goals and genetic makeup. We are after all, individuals!

Useful tips and information on our services. (Greek PDF)